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Crime fighter crazy grandpa is an action game. Here you can play as a role of gangster and a driver in a city. This crazy man has assigned different missions each mission will lead you to the final mission. In the first mission or task you have to get an awesome car from the garage, you have to follow the radar to get this car. Drive that awesome car and reach to the assigned distention in the given time. Keep this thing in your mind given time is very important in this stage or mission. The third level is to practice and judge your shooting skills with the help of weapons. If you have practiced your heroic skills of shooting now this is the right time to show your heroic skills of shooting against the crimes. You have to enjoy this skill and kill one of the mafia partner and enjoy territory of crimes alone, here the guidelines are given viva radars of the shooting targets and a fixed time is given too. Now you can use a variety of weapons to shoot that target. You have turned into final stage that is to place or fix a bomb in the building and ruin that city here comes the safety precautions to come out of that building and save your self.
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Games Free Gulfam Asghar iPhone, iPad, iPod

Use any weapon.
Both gangster and driver mode.
Five unique missions.
Do job as killing criminals and get reward in weapons.



So many adds that is why I gave it 1 star.


just turn off your wifi

All adds

Might be a good game unfortunately they put so many adds you can't play! I gave one star just because it looks like it might be fun. Stay away fellow gamers!

Capitalistic pigs

Unplayable due to ads


To many ads need to remove a LOT of ads


There was a add every time a word popped up. The first level I had 8 ads. This is why I deleted the app

Logan Bearden

I just had to get rid of the game because of the ads but I am going to give you one star because it looks like a great app

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