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Have you ever believed to be the part of amusement park for construction and craft work? If your answer is in Yes! Then it’s the right time and right game for you to download. Here you are going to have a feel of animal park with along with feeding dinosaur. In this dino world you can check your ability and show your talent as it is going to be an adventure for you.
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Player has to build Dinosaur Park with different objects in this African forest. All process of animal park construction and simulation are divided into different levels. The first level of dinosaur zoo is that you have to drive excavator to break the old buildings. Buildings are highlighted in dinosaur games for your ease. Then you will find the next mission statement which will lead to the next level of wild animals park. The next mission is to clean the area with the help of bulldozer in amusement park .It is the time to make boundary wall in park builder as you are going to bring a wild gorilla in it. Tower crane and trailer is given for this mission of dinosaur adventure safari, use them and make it in an artistic way. The next mission of dino craft is to make entrance door of park. As you know that this park will be named as wild park. You need to make fence cage for dinosaur breeding. Fences are already placed on truck drive that truck to construction site and follow the arrows to place them as you are going to enjoy dinosaur fight in it. In this level of feeding dinosaur you are supposed to build cage for water dinosaur. It is the time to take deadly dinosaur in the cage. wild dinosaur is in the trailer, drive that trailer and take it to the park. Globe cage is the need of the park for sea dinosaur. Make it with the material which is given in dinosaur park king. Take eggs in laboratory in park craft which you found in the cage. Globe cage is made from the survival of the dinosaur attack. Drive the trailer and take dinosaur in the globe cage. Now you have a call that your family is waiting outside of the park for dinosaur adventure. Bring them in the park and give them ride on the family van and have fun!!



The game is good and I see a lot of areas that could be enhanced. I like the idea but a lot of the graphics are slow or the camera angle makes it hard to see and eventually you run out of time. Instead of having incentives to try to go on and beat a level (which only gives you about 5 minutes) it just has you start back from the beginning of the level. The slowness of the vehicles and the camera are what really hold the game back

Has Steven Spielberg seen this?

I was absolutely blown away by my experience with this game. Using keywords like ‘Jurassic Park’ in the game meta data so that iTunes shows it to anyone looking for dinosaur games was a brilliant move. From the advanced CG rendered advertisement that played before the first level even launched to the well hidden X in the upper left corner of the expense was spared. Life finds a way. Life even found a way to populate my park with assorted African wildlife before I’d even broken ground on my own dinosaur attractions. I’m sure it’ll be fine that I’m relocating hundreds of native species.

Soooooooooo Lagy

I tried to play a couple of times but it just turned off very disappointed ???

Ok game
Still ok game

The graphics could be better

I mean it’s good
Aadyn dyanink

The graphics can be better but I mean I could not make graphics any better so it’s good but the second problem is that not a lot of people play this like YouTubers so u can’t learn glitches or hacks from this game random there is not like “creative mode” as I you could say but it’s a little hard to drive and when u walk u are really slow so if you make a wrong turn by mistake u will loose a star or two so if u are reading this plz take my advise thank u for listening and like and subscribe on my YouTube channel