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Creative Cloud Tutorials provides 1000+ free online tutorials on Adobe Creative Cloud apps—so you can learn how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Lightroom, new Mobile apps and more. Topics are for both beginners and experienced users including Getting Started, Essentials and New Features content.
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I see the problem too.

I love all of these tutorials. They are all incredibly useful, but some of them aren’t loading. :(((((


I’m a beginner in all the adobe applications, but I’ve been improving quickly, I think. This app has been helping. I don’t know all the quick ways of making awesome things, and I have trouble with Photoshop, but I’ve an eye for art and I want to improve. So far, this app has helped a ton.

App very helpful.. need help
Please help! Need app

Hi, I got the creative cloud tutorial app beginning of this month pretty much and it was working perfectly until this passed update. Now it just reads me an error every time I try to access tutorial. It says: "An error occurred while loading the tutorial. Please try again later." I've tried for the passed couple of days now and still nothing. Please advise.... this app was so helpful and now I can't even use it !

Useless Doesn't work

This app is bad. I installed and launched the first time to ch go out illustrator cc tutorials and it errors out stating error occurred please try again later. Useless!

Fix the error!

This app has been useless for over 3 weeks now. Please fix the error message. Rediculous!!

Error only on home screen

If you go into the menu and choose a video, it works fine. Awesome videos!

Great app!

It was done for a few weeks, but working great now! I love it!

Doesn't Load

This app is great if you want to watch a revolving square that never actually loads the video. Guess it was worth every penny.

Still waiting

I did everything, in order for me to watch the videos... setting it on my laptop, using the same wifi. And it still loading, eventually I had to move on with my life.

Never loads videos
360 Body Burn

I've tried watching several videos but they just don't play. It's like if the tutorial videos have not been made yet, but they decided to go ahead and launch this app. It's either learn on my own or go to

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