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CrazyTanks is an insanely fun game. Drive your crazy tank by tilting your device. Shoot at enemy tanks and towers by tapping the touchscreen. Collect yummy powerups.
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Games $0.99 Bootant LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Game has 30 different levels. There are 4 types of enemy tanks and 2 types of turrets. More levels are in development.

A tank! A tank! My kingdom for a tank!


Great game!

This is a great game especially for 99 cents!! Only 4 stars because a different mode would be cool... Update?


Muy buena para momentos aburridos si que si y amh gringos puñales Jojo de arriba y abajo compro en eua y amh eso y nadamas motos Jojo!!!


Super Duper FUN!!!!!!!!

The best app ever
King Celox

I like trying out lots of games on the iPod so far this is the best one I played and I played 47 apps ( games )

Very nice little game
Uber NPR Junkie

Perfectly well done. The most fun for a buck you can have.

One of the first apps i got

This is a pretty fun game not the best but fun especially when i got it back when the app store was kinda new this was a really good game

Where's multiplayer?

Still waiting on multiplayer. Look at gal con, and how multiplayer human vs human fundamentally changes the gameplay. Gamekit and bluetooth support for 1v1 multiplayer can be added in an afternoon... Please consider it!!!

Very Good

I was very surprised at how good this app was! I like how smooth it is when you are playing the game.

Great game
D Fizzause

Great gameplay. 30 levels and more to come. Only $.99? Score.

Jon Liquid

Read the title.