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Crazy Choppers is insanely fun 3D game. Fly your crazy copter by tilting your device. Shoot at enemy vehicles, tanks, guns, planes and choppers by tapping the touchscreen. Collect crates with money. Rescue POWs. Upgrade your helicopter. Game has 20 different levels. There are 5 different unique environments from the desert to the North Pole. Destroy your enemy! Enjoy the game!
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Games $0.99 Bootant LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod


Love it
Tom Phulery

I am enjoying the heck out of this game. It took me a few try's to feel it out but now I love it.

Great fun

I liked crazy tanks, but it was just a little too simple to play for very long. Choppers adds what seemed to be missing, a campaign, upgradable weapons; armor and fuel. I also like the variety in enemies and environments. What is carried over from crazy tanks are the great controls and gameplay. All in all, I think any fan of action games will love Crazy Choppers.

Excellent Game

I hadn't purchased an app since The Sims which was horrible and was looking for something that was relatively cheap but fun with good replay value. Crazy Choppers delivers! Controls are great, cool environments and upgrades. Just finished the easy level (which was challenging) and am looking forward to the harder levels. Get it while it's still $.99!!

Kind of boring

I need more depth. I guess it's not that kind of game. I think I confused it with Blue Skys.

Great game

This is a really great game. I was a huge fan of the Comanche series on PC back in the day. This game quenches my love for helis. Simple controls and they work perfectly. Very fun and still very challenging. I have crazy tanks aswell and don't play it much compared to this. My only complaint is that you when you die you loose all your upgrades. So you're then stuck with harder enemies on the advanced levels with the stock armor and weapons.

Best purchase in a long time

Can't put it down!!!! Best game in awhile!!!!

Best app

This is one of the best apps in the store. There is no reason to not buy it. I hope updates keep it fresh!

Love the game but...

... It has big time game save issues. I'll work my way to a level and get a phone call or have to exit the game and it will toss me several levels back. I understand restarting the current level, but to completly lose levels is not fun at all esp in general mode.


I'm really liking the game and it's fun. But it's hard to dodge enemy bullets and needs an update to flip to the sides to dodge them.

Great game...good job

WOW! Fun,smooth controls...a must have!