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Download this beautiful compass for your iPhone or iPad.
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Navigation Free DOUBLE U s.r.o. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Users love it:

"Nice feel to it, and accurate."

"Simple and nice. Does exactly what you expect from it."

Does exactly what you need. Nothing less, nothing more:
• fast
• simple
• beautiful

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Attractive & accurate
i am getting irked

Easy to use and enjoy too!


Comparing to THREE different compasses and app reading does no coincide.

Why I don’t get lost

Absolutely love it helps me all the time especially the elevation I raced home and pigeons thank you so much

Really precise compass

I use for my Feng Shui mobile business and its always correct giving the exact point

Totally wrong

This app is off by about 45 degrees. Useless.

Just great

He just works the way it supposed to!

Great Compass
White State

Simple and precise app that will help all people who like to use the compass to direct themselves to get to specific destinations.

Doesn’t work

Kept changing directions on me.

Very inconsistent!
Kajiura fan

a It looks great and all, but it’s unreliable. I got this so I’ll know which windows to place my plants nearby. One day it’s telling me my bedroom window faces NW, another day SW, today W. Which is it??

Can’t get to less than 20% error

No matter how much twisting and turning. I have a true north-south line in my yard using solar noon and it won’t come close.

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