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Catgotchi: Virtual Pet, Cat

Kittens are waiting for you. Adopt and take care of your pixel kitty!
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Games Free Janusz Jankowski iPhone, iPad, iPod

Catgotchi is the next game of our retro-style simulation series.
This time you take care of and play with 12 adorable kitties.

The more you take care of your kitty, the happier it is. And happy cat means cat growing fast. Take your time, feed it, clean it and play with it - all depends on you now!

At the beginning you have 3 unique breeds to choose.
First 3 breeds are: Norwegian, Russian Blue and Persian!
For every 2 cats reaching adult stage, 3 more become unlocked.
They are waiting for you - uncover them all!

Every cat has its own set of mini games that you unlock with progress.
There are 3 games per pet (12 total).

Customize whole game using colors you like.

All this and more in 90s retro style!


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