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Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet, Retro Animal Simulator

Wildagotchi is an unique retro-style game in which you may take care of and play with 12 adorable pets.
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Games Free Janusz Jankowski iPhone, iPad, iPod

The more you take care of your pet, the happier it is. And happy pet means pet growing fast. Take your time, feed it, clean it and play with it - all depends on you now!

At the beginning you have 3 unique pets to choose. For every 2 pets reaching adult stage, 3 more become unlocked. They are waiting for you - uncover them all!

You may switch to any of your pets whenever you want.

Every pet has its own set of mini-games. What's more, you can also play with your friends and their pets over wifi or bluetooth (no Internet connection needed!).

- 2 solo games for pet (8 total)
- 1 multiplayer game for pet (4 total)

Customize whole game using colors you like.

All this and more in consistent eye-candy retro style!


Excellent look!
Matthew Temple @clownfysh

It would be nice if I could buy a copy of the app to avoid advertisements—the ad pages that come up break with the style of the game which is a tad annoying. Also, it would be nice if the mini games all worked in portrait mode so I didn’t have to turn the app while playing. But other than that it’s fun and cool and **** !! Thanks for making!!

Daddys girl :) :)

I remember the toys this apps replicates. This app is fun,entertaining,risk taking,and interesting! And let's face it,it's a great time passer!?


<3 like the mini games and im happy its like the originals.


I ❤️ the app!!but when u begin its like ok what do I do?just play the minigame u have then feed it then put it 2 bed 4 like 10mins.i think the graphics r so cute but need a little work.but still totally recommend it!!!????

Good times

Simple but still fun.^.^

Love it! ??

This game is way better than I thought it would be , the graphics aren't that good but it's supposed to be accurate to the real thing (tamagotchi) and it truly is! I love checking in on my pets and it's super fun. I recommend this to anyone who wants a FREE app that is just like the real Tamagotchi

ten shore

Awesome game!

like a real pet!

very cute,i love it so much~

Very cute and just like childhood

I played with gigs pets as a kid and this reminds me so much of it.. They do need some toys to play with but the mini games are fun. I recommend this to my bff and she loves it too. Well done

I like it

I was just thinking of these tamagotchis and decided to see if there was an app for it;) they're just like the old ones that kept us entertained in the 90's...I take better care of this one tho..crazy to see how advanced we've come in technology in just a few years, just saying