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Car Driving School: Tests for Learner Driver

Relive the 3D driving school games, take car driving test with top of the line top gear luxury vehicle you have never seen in driving test games. Car driving test games were never such to make you follow the road rules and traffic rules but this is one of the best driving school games that makes you emerge as a winner. The school driving car 3D is a realistic simulator that allows you to train yourself to get the car license in a fantasy setting. Take a test drive with CAR DRIVING SCHOOL: TEST 3D!
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In this car driving school, you are a learner car driver. Objective is simple; you need to pass all the driving car parking tests. So win all levels in the real car test driving game, put your driving abilities to the test as you drive on the road and around the parking lot. Learner’s school driving is always a tough job for beginners with an extra pressure of passing, driving, parking tests and following traffic signal rules. Likewise you will discover several difficult situations, each belonging to a specific context of driving. Sometimes you need to perform reverse gears and zigzag between obstacles to avoid damaging the car and change the lane using indicators. You must manage your car speed on speed breakers, sharp turns or narrow paths. You will need to learn to fast in order to avoid accidents in the parking and driving game. So prepare for the drive of a lifetime.
Superlative driving car school for beginner
Exciting levels with different driving scenarios
Amazing car driving game with realistic traffic rules
Ultimate fantasy to learn driving
Realistic and smooth car handling
An awesome driving simulator giving you the feeling of real driver duty

Here comes the time to love the learner’s car driving school games and to try one of the most realistic driving test games. Car driving test gives you a chance to drive something more than the regular size cars, sedan, vehicles, or a highway automobile. If you are addicted to the challenges of driving test then this test driving game will make you a perfect driver. So forget the other driving school games to have a real car driving feel. CAR DRIVING SCHOOL: TEST 3D simulator it is!



For real!? It drives good, but it doesn't let you finish when the task is CLEARLY completed and ads pop up once you crash, before you click the task, and everywhere else and I keep clicking them thinking I'm clicking the game buttons. ? I don't like the game, personally.

This app is a joke!

I drove across to the parking space and then I tried to get into space and when I didn't crash, it said that I had failed when I was just reversing the stupid car! ???