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Discover real driving adventure with transporter truck horse, in one of the finest horse transport games. Add twist to truck driving simulator games and become a skilled transporter truck horse driver. This game consists of 5 levels. Our basic aim is to load horses from the farm and take them towards the derby ground for racing. The user will have to operate the horses by using a joystick and load them on highlighted spots in the transporter truck one by one. Once the horses are loaded in the truck, we will start operating the truck by following a highlighted arrow. This animal transport simulator is a unique blend of quality transport games mechanics and scenic rural environment to give the perfect 3D horse transportation simulator experience. Buckle you seat belt, hold onto your steering and have an incredible journey ride in HORSE TRANSPORT TRUCK, one of the free transport games on app store!
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Games Free Mahmood Ahmed iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Amazing detailed 3d graphics of farm crops and horse stables
• HD Graphics with horses transport sounds
• Intuitive horse transporter truck controls
• Realistic farm environment


Not good

Downloaded the game thinking it will be amazing i get past the first level go to second level where i have to drive the truck with the horses & i can NOT steer it the steering wheel will NOT turn or do a thing i tried to reload it after closing out of it nothing PLEASE fix this problem

1# Grammy

This game is a waste of your time!??it's. All it is you lead the horse in the trailer and your done and you do not drive at all! In my word do not get this game it's a waste of your time.

Never again!!!

I was playing level 1 thinking it was super fun.Then in the 2nd level your supposed to drive tye truck but theres 1 problem...THE STEERING WHEEL DOSENT WORK!!!Therefore you cant turn the truck to get to the place you need to get to!Trust me this app is a WASTE OF TIME!Dont get it, just dont!

Don't you think it's god but not really

The steering wheel dis not work

Could've been fun ?

This game has the potential to be good. It's just so hard to use. In the first level, it's hard to know where to go and really hard to move. I almost couldn't get past that level. Then, in level 2, the steering wheel doesn't work. This game could've been fun, so I'm really disappointed. ?

HATE IT!!!!?

The graphics are amazing if only you can enjoy it while actually playing the game all the comments are right you can't turn the STEERING WHEEL on level 2 in my honest opinion the game shouldn't have even been created

Horrible I hate it

The steering wheel doesn't work I was so excited to play this game please fix it