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Candy Halloween Games Match 3

Do you want to play the best new Halloween candy game?
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Play as a spooky vampire, a scary zombie, or a wicked witch as you switch and match gummy candies for Halloween.

Drop candy and crush ice in this epic game full of color for kids and girls!

Have fun playing the top match 3 puzzle game today!!



I really enjoy this matching game, it is very relaxing and there is no pressure to buy anything. I really like the fact that it's ad free! The graphics are very nice, too. My favorite match 3 game so far.

Great Game

Love it! Can’t wait to play!

Grumpy & Goofy

Game has good graphics and is fun to play! Enjoying it very much and love the Halloween Theme.

Rj 55

Like thiscgame

Candy Halloween

Very fun game! Once you’re playing, it’s easy to get hooked & lose track of time! ?????

Fun game
Tuna 93

Just started playing and enjoy the game very much. Moves fast And makes the time pass

Baby 48

Enjoying this game


Now THAT’S how u do an upd8!!! Glad I check in every so often & re-download sometimes. Sorry. Gotta drop 2 stars 4 UNCLEAR VAGUE B8 & SWITCH TACTIC!! I HAVE 5 out of 5 of the red & gold chest. BUT NO RANDOM 10 BOOSTERS!! Please b more OBVIOUS about this like I’m being OBVIOUS about y this is an issue by st8ing the issue in LARGE PRINT SO U CAN C IT. I will delete this game YET AGAIN if this is not or cannot b fixed. Mystery chest. Yeah. No poop.

Candy Halloween
Mr BONES0382

Great game way to pass time and you can't just play one number I get very addicting

Fun game!

I love Halloween and Halloween themed apps!