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Christmas Games 2 Music Songs

Christmas Games 2 is a match 3 puzzle game where you can match and collect candies just for Christmas! This fun free game will give hours of fun for the holidays with challenging puzzles! Match candy, ornaments, gifts, and all your favorite Christmas characters!
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Games Free Rank One LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

You'll also love all the holiday music and Christmas songs that will put you in a cheerful mood for Christmas! So many different songs for you to sing along as you play.

▶Hundreds of challenging puzzle levels for you to master. And the most wonderful power-ups to help you get through even the hardest levels!

▶Clear many fun obstacles like snow blocks and ice bubbles!

▶Are you the best in the world! Check the tournament leader board to see how far you can get compared to all the other players out there!

▶Mix and match power-ups to create even more powerful combos. It will be the most amazing and sweet combos you'll ever see!

▶Complete levels to collect keys to dozens of different magical chests. Unlock free items like gold and even more power-ups!

This is one of the longest and most entertaining candy puzzles around! Fun for both kids and adults have fun with the whole family. With over 1000 levels to play and many more being added, you can stay with this Christmas game for the whole holiday and beyond!


Just started

So far ?


Great game, the music is wonderful , the colors are lovely and the game makes you think on your feet.


Must pay for bonus

Buy Everything

Fun game, but coins are useless because you can't buy boosts with them. The "free" treasure chests are useless because you still need to purchase boosts. Buy everything. Earn nothing but useless coins and chests. Will probably delete.

Great holiday game.

I really enjoy playing.

Fun game

Love playing this game!!! It’s a lot of fun!!!

Christmas games is fun, fun, fun
Kat Piano

This game is fun. Thank you for a non challenging game, I’ve done some that the levels get harder and I delete it. Please keep it where it’s fun. !!!❣️

Christmas comes early
Jilt Starground

Thank you...smooth games each different so you don’t play the same strategy all the time. It’s fun! It’s pretty to look at!


Fun game Doesn’t always load well.

Love all your games--but have a question

Is there a way to reset a game to the beginning? I re-download the Christmas and Halloween games every year, but I'd like to start from the beginning. I play these to relax, and by level 400 or so they can get frustrating. Thanks.