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Buster Dunk! Carnival Bully Revenge

Everybody’s favorite carnival game is now bigger than life! Now’s your chance for a bully revenge! Step Right Up and Drown the Clown! …It’s unbelievably addictive.
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Games Free Full Sea Productions, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

“The perfect way to turn any down-time into de-stress time.” - App Reviewer
“Some apps can make time fly but this game ties a rocket on time’s ass and lights the fuse!” - App Review
“...gives me the perfect, direct-injection of justice that satisfies my game addiction.” - App Review

Can you compete with the rage in the cage? It’s good versus evil... Knockdown Buster and... Wham, Bam, SPLASH! You win, and listen to the cheers. Does Buster make you angry? No problem! Try throwing an exploding ball and blowing his taunting butt sky high!

Game includes:
> Daily Rewards!
> Bonus Balls!
> Dunk Streak Awards!
> Hilarious Special Effects!
> Exploding Balls!
> Sniper-Accurate Flicking Action!
> Incredible 3D Gameplay & HD graphics.
> Character Outfits to Collect.
> Amazing Realistic Physics.
> Level-Up Rewards and Secret Balls.

...and a whole lot more, plus mystery items!

Buster Dunk Splashes water in the face of any ‘ole butt-crack game while it effectively slaps a giant ''kick me'' sign on all other flick games. Hit the target and you’ll laugh as you watch the taunting bully crash into a slimy tank of water (that really starts making him mad by the way)!

Hours of fun and laughter are yours as you climb the levels and the Game Center Leaderboards. The more you play, the more levels you can achieve!

Challenge and compete with your friends on Game Center for the longest dunk streak! Its okay if your balls run out, more will be ready soon!

No time to be a wimp, download “Buster Dunk” now and defend your honor! It’s High-Noon and it’s time to show “The Funniest Bully on the App Store” who’s really the boss!

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Can't go wrong with these buster apps. So funny! I heard a great insult on here that I am going to add to my repertoire lolol

Like a carnival game

Reminds me of playing skeeball. Fun, but the noises are a little annoying. Just leave mute on.

Fun game

Just like a dunk tank at the fair, it's a lot of fun, but I wish I could hit that stupid beaver with the ball, he was sitting over there all smug and confident... I want to knock him down a few pegs, that would show him!

Dunk him!

I love dunking guys like this! im a fan

Nice Flick game

Entertaining little silly app. I seem to play this as much as my kids:)

super cute

really cute game and kids will love to play it

Dunkin Buster!
Water Boy K

Good time Dunkin Buster. Addictive game I will play again over the holidays.

Great Tossing Game

Great tossing game!! I love it! Perfect graphics for the game!

Fun toss the ball game
Chris Truman

Fun, but makes you enable push notifications and sound.

Great game

This is a truly fun game loved playing it

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