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Joke Insults - Funny Comebacks, Mean Wisecracks & Rude Humor

“These are by far the funniest insults I could find on the app store!” – app review
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“After going through the hilarious Insults for about an hour, I’m hooked!” – app review
“I started zinging my friends with some of the one-liners and we couldn’t stop laughing!” – app review

Now you can win any argument instantly… WHILE LAUGHING!

You can become the most popular person in your social circles. Download this app and people will be amazed at your new-found sharp wit! Within seconds you can start laughing and sharing brand new, unbelievable insults with your friends.

Start using the hilarious insults in this Joke Insults app and your life will never be the same again.

Tap your screen (or simply shake your device) and insult after hilarious random insult will be filling your screen and making your life a happier place.

· Hundreds of the Fresh and Original Insults
· Unlock Hollywood’s Favorite Insults from TV and Movies
· Easily switch back and forth between different types of Insults
· Unlock worldwide insults and hear how people insult each other around the globe
· Save and share your favorites with friends on Facebook, Twitter or email

Do yourself and your friends a favor and download this Joke Insults app right now.

Note: This app should be used for entertainment and laughs only and not with any intent to harm or offend. Not intended for overly sensitive people who are easily offended.

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Great app!!
Mikey Reese

This app is pretty good, I just wish u could get a list of joke instead of cycling through them

Truly Awesome, funny too

Free app and easy to download!! Hundreds of fresh and original insults. Unlock Hollywood's favorite insults from TV and movies. Save and share all this with your friends on social media. Easily used by all ages and very entertaining theme. All work of the game is great. You can laugh a lot with this app. Very great app to have on your iPhone.

Loved This Joke Insult App

Insults and full of insults with jokes onnnnn. I love jokes, funny app and luckily I found this app and it's all free too! I enjoy this joke insult and found it very relaxing and better tan other apps. I enjoy this app when ever I get a minute free. So now this is my Favorite and I am addicted to this amazing app of fun. I feel relaxed from my work with the help of this game only. So amazing ...........

A Five Star App

Getting jokes on your favorite topic is not a big deal now with this app. Just get it from AppStore and have a enjoyable experience with this funny joke app. You can also unlock world wide insults in this app. This app is used for entertainment and laugh, and passing a good time is awesome with this app. Save your jokes and share with your friends verbally or on social media. It's helps me to be happy all time and away from stress. Getting back from office I use this app with my family too and this I'd indeed a sweet time with this app.

Awesomeeeee fun!!!

I have looked at so many joke apps but this one is the best by far. I keep it around for something to read and make me laugh when bored. The jokes are so funny and I love this app. I'm actually laughing to myself right now hahaha. It has some awesome insults/ pick up lines that always worked for me. Get it it's funny.

Best For Jokes Lover

Best app for all jokes lover, all will love this app of happiness and laughing. New app with all new fun.Just match your favorites jokes, share and have fun. I never seen such a beautiful app with funny jokes concept is good and all will surely love this app. I am addicted to this app very much must download this and enjoy all you have to do is search your jokes and share and makes other happy.

Very Good Insult App!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very Good Insult App!!!!!!!!! Hey all insults lovers boon for you all. Lovely and funny bank of insults. Great to play this .New app with all new fun. I never used such a beautiful insults app with sleek controls, concept is good and all will surely love this app. I am addicted to this app very much must download this and enjoy. Now it's my full time favorite app.

Makes me laugh!!!

Very nice and interesting app! This app fully entertains me. There are lots of hilarious insults jokes that you haven't heard before. Easy to use and easy share with friends and family. It's such nice app if you are getting bored.

Great fun with this app!!!!
[email protected]@@@@&

I love this app, The story behind this unique app is one day I am alone at my shop with my son, he has downloaded this app from App Store and started laughing on jokes. I feel bore and asked him that what Is he doing and he show the app to me. Then this becomes my all time Favorite app and thanks to my son for this nice app. Really funny

Awful!!! - Ads run full screen with no input!!

Full screen videos for other apps run automatically without touching the screen. Then there is nowhere to close the ad. The only option is hit the home button or tap the ad which brings you to the App Store. I have never deleted an app so quickly.

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