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You can look into the project designed by "Blueprint" and play it.
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I think it could use a update or two, I think needs a-little more projects, like the rest of (iPhone) or iPad settings or other good stuff

Good Viewer

Would be great to have added function of AirPlay, and the ability to export to keynote. Would make presentation of mock ups so much easier. But good viewer all the same.

Blueprint By GrooSoft

Excellent app for creating frames and using them it is such way that this is similar to how a app works.



Love it

Great way to collaborate. What are you waiting for? Buy Blueprint and use the free Blueprint Viewer.

WetCat Productions

If you're an app developer and don't have Blueprint and Blueprint Viewer, you're wrong.

Best I've Used

Prototyping an app should be easy, and this makes it easy in a powerful way. It's lacking on some fronts, though strong everywhere else. I can't casually place very many iOS icons, though they're available in special locations like the menu bar. I can't slide sliders or scroll table views. Besides that, it's pretty awesome. Would recommend.


This is a plain lousy app. Not good for anything from scratch. This version seems to require you to import a project versus being to start a project like sketch up. Don't waste your time with this.

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