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### Featured by Apple as Best New App ###
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Productivity Free Blogo Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Blog on WordPress, Blogger and Medium like a Pro.
Blogo is a blog publishing app that helps bloggers to focus on what matters most: publishing the next story.

We know writing is hard, but we firmly believe stories can change the world. So we created the simplest, most enjoyable blogging experience we could imagine.

Blogo combines simplicity with powerful features and gives you all the tools you need to create amazing content from your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Spread the word, change the World.

### FEATURES ###

Anywhere, Anytime. Always have your blog with you.
● Blogo is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac
● Handoff supported between Apple devices
● Robust "Offline” mode with real preview, perfect for those "out of the office" moments
● Smart Sync with Evernote (Pro)

Be more focused and productive. Writing was never so enjoyable.
● Clean, distraction-free interface
● Markdown or visual Rich Text mode
● Inline HTML. Perfect for tables, forms and HTML embeds
● Code block, supporting all major code languages
● Word and characters count with live reading time

Blogging and publishing the right way.
● Works with, self-hosted WordPress 3.4+, Medium and Blogger
● List, edit and update existing or new posts, pages or drafts
● Manage multiple blogs at the same time (Pro)
● Moderate and reply to comments (Pro)
● Support for custom fields (Pro)
● Customize slugs, comments and pingback settings for each post

Built-in Image Editor: Image editing and handling made easy.
● Crop, resize and set aspect ratio of your images
● Adjust brightness, contrast and color temperature
● Easy Instagram-esque filters such as B&W, Sepia and Vintage
● Set a "Featured Image” with 1-click (WordPress only)
● Add alt text, caption and tooltip information

Live Preview: The only blog editor that smartly recognizes your theme.
● Live preview always shows exactly how your post will look before publishing
● Works even when you are in "Offline Mode"
● What you see is what you post. Stop the rework.

Send to Blogo share extension: An incredibly easy way of adding content to your post.
● Send videos, images, links, pages and quotes from any app with one click
● Works with Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Imgur, Getty Images, SoundCloud, Vine and more!
● Simply select Send to Blogo from your iOS share extension list

Keep your blog content organized.
● Schedule posts
● Categories and tags management panel
● Complete post list with integrated search and filters
● Tap and hold a post for contextual menu

iPad Pro Enhanced. A huge boost to your productivity.
● A beautifully detailed interface, designed and polished for iPad Pro.
● Split View allows you to use Blogo in multi-tasking with any other app, side by side.
● Smart Keyboard will put useful QuickType features and shortcuts at your fingertips.

● Customizable preferences to fit your blogging workflow
● Integrated with Notification Center

And so much more. Blogo is simplicity with power.

Blogo Pro
• Add as many blogs as you want
• Smart Sync your drafts with Evernote
• Moderate and Reply blog comments
• Custom fields management
• Social Mirrors
• Prices: $9.99 monthly, $69.99 annually

Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase.

We are recognized for our support and dedication to our customers' success. Please get in touch personally with us on Twitter or visit the blog for the latest news:


Blogo supports, self-hosted WordPress 3.4+, Medium and Blogger


Does not work with iOS or MAC
Grey Magic

I’ve tried both for over a year. They don’t connect because of Google security and there hasn’t been a way around it yet. The developer has advised other users to use it on their Mac and it will sync, but this is also false and not everyone has a Mac (so what then?). I tried on my MacBook but it encounters the same security problem the app does and I’ve waited so long for an update. I’m giving up.

Great App

I enjoy using this app. It is easy to use and convenient when I want to post a quick blog entry.

WARNING: Developer website blocked due to possible impersonating

Update June 21, 2018: The developer responded (see at the bottom). Thank you to the developer for the response. I sent you a short screencast via facebook messenger. —- Be aware that - as of this writing - is either inaccessible or results in a web browser message saying that the website is potentially impersonating a web address, which may mean that personal information could be stolen. There is a certificate associated with whatever website the browser ends up connected to - it ends with .br (Brazil) and it does not mention “getblogo” anywhere in it. I just realized this when I was trying to find upgrade prices and there was no response in the app or in the browser. As far as the app itself goes, the free version kept displaying an upgrade ad at the top of the screen, which blocked the app controls making it impossible to navigate the app. Tapping the upgrade ad resulted in aforementioned hanging of the app waiting for something to happen (a dot keeps floating right-left-right forever). So, the free app becomes unusable, there’s no way to upgrade, and it now appears that the developer may be either in trouble or not trustworthy. I don’t know what is happening with the developer, but it definitely doesn’t look good.

No spell check, no longer maintained.

Blogo could have been incredible, but there is no longer a real team behind it. No spell check, buggy releases and a lack of support means it can’t be the go-to app it could have been.

I wanted it to work...
1968 gamer from WV

I really did want it to work but I never could get past the Incorrect account on


So I tried Blogo a year ago but couldn’t get past an image editor bug that repeatedly crashed the app. That’s been fixed. But to me the latest version is even less usable. There’s a black toolbar that pops up above the keyboard on my phone. It partially obscured the last line of text. As soon as the text area is full all new lines appear cut off. The black bar comes and goes ... no idea why. Lastly, for some reason there’s no spellcheck or completion. It’s like that field is custom to the app and bypasses all the useful familiarity of iOS ... Wordpress’ app has shortcomings... it these issues are non-starters. I didn’t finish my first post, I ended cutting and pasting back in to the Wordpress app.

Professional Tool

Simply the best blog editor on the market. Practical, fast, efficient! Necessary options for professional use of intended use. simply no communication and press professional, can run out of this powerful tool! congratulations!

Wishing the janky google app still existed

This app is an annoyance. I have seen other reviews admitting possible user error, but it is not user.. it is app errors. - generates a blank post every time you open it instead if just loading the post list - loses posts frequently causing crazy and scream worthy rework. - resizes photos uploaded from other locations with out asking - doesnt integrate with google native account images - page sync issues - frequently posts when told to draft. In the end i now just use it for posting.. i write everything in IOS notes then paste it in to blogo just before posting.

Great app!

For those of us with older iPads this app is a Godsend. I blog with Wordpress and it was nearly impossible to work with my memory limitations both with their app and website through Safari. Thanks to your app I can blog again! Pictures are a little hard to deal with as far as text wrap and placing them exactly where I want them. Be better to have true what you see is what you get. I can live with that though...I just fine tune once the post is published.

Can’t sign into my blog on Blogspot

Apparently, Blogspot requires some type of authorization. This is a recent change by Google for better security - according to them. I’ll re-rate it 5 stars if I can get it to work. I’ll look for an update - at least this app looks like it has current support. I’ll certainly pay for the pro version if it’s fixed.