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​The Black Solitaire Weekly Leaderboard is here! Each week the player with the highest win count will become the weekly leader and receive a healthy amount of extra coins. Plus, on select weeks, the weekly winner will be able to use their coins to claim a Weekly Bonus prize!
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Games Free Konsole Kingz, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

How to access the Weekly Leaderboard:
1. From the menu tap "Weekly Leaders"
2. Register for the leaderboard
3. Get the most wins in 7 days, Sunday (12 am) to Sunday (11:59 pm)
4. Become the Weekly Leader

How to claim your prize:
1. Become the Weekly Leader
2. Tap "Weekly Bonus!" at the bottom of the Leaderboard
3. Tap "CLAIM PRIZE" before Tuesday.
4. Check your email for prize information!


Why Black Solitaire is the Game for You?!

Tradition - Black Solitaire keeps the “Old Classic's" rules while adding some “New Flavor” -- great graphics and fun opportunities to win prizes.

Design & Gameplay - Black Solitaire was created for Solitaire players on all levels. From the beginner playing at home, to the expert playing on the go, our game was designed for pure enjoyment.

Social Sharing - Black Solitaire was created to easily show off your Solitaire skills with friends and family. Share your times, moves and points via your favorite social media platform, email or text message.

Key Features:

- FREE.99! You don't have to pay. We got you. It's FREE!
- Tap and/or Drag to play
- Instantly share your times, moves and points via your favorite social media platform, email or text message.
- Key Game Play options to turn on and off - Timers, Scoring, Hints and more.
- Localized in 10 languages
- The Black Solitaire News Ticker to keep you aware of current events
- Push Notifications (Make sure you accept!) to get important game updates


Good job

Outstanding solitaire app. I really love it and can recommend to all solitaire fans

Love it!

I’m overseas in Kuwait and can’t really do much but when I do, I play this game and it keeps me distracted throughout the day and so addictive!

Very enjoyable

The game has no glitches, it’s fun, and my entire family plays it on my iPad.


Awesome app for any occasion!

Dope Game!!

I love the graphics and music on this game!!!!


Play it 6 times a day. Can’t wait fir the rewards to drop.

Wonderful game

We need more games like this

Black solitaire

This is my favorite game it give me something to do when im just sitting there bored

Good game

Solitaire with a twist

Ultimate !!!

Awesome it simple game very great job looking forward for the next update