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iPhone 7 Inspired Live Wallpapers
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These fully animated are inspired by the iPhone 7, they're truly stunning. Deep colors make your lock screen come to life. Incredible live wallpapers inspired by an incredible device.

Note: Live Wallpapers only work on devices that support 3D Touch, as of now the only devices that support 3D Touch are the following:
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
If your device does not support 3D Touch you will be able to view the wallopers and they will be animated, though you cannot set them as wallpapers.

More wallpapers will be added and the quality of the wallpapers will be increased as soon as the next few releases.

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Kyle 2659304

Some great ones for free but all the cool ones are paid, but reason for the 1 star is the ads are unbearable,

Please fix the app
Google Duo is the best

I love this app, but I really want the yellow slime wallpaper, but it doesn’t work.


Doesn’t work and I paid for the upgrade. Simply a rip off

Five stars

Grateful for this app

Total scam

You download the free app. It tells you right away: “limited time offer to unlock all wallpapers, $0.99 for full upgrade”. Then you get like a dozen boring backgrounds and it tells you to pay another $5/year to get the deluxe. F*** off. Complete waste of time and money and the app dev can eat a c***

The wallpapers

Ok there is a bug when I go into a wallpaper I get stuck there and the wallpapers are not live as shown so can you fix that bug and help me figure out why they are not live

Pls fix this app
Vivian haigh

Whenever I want to get a new wallpaper it wants me to buy it. Witch is so annoying. Please do something!!! Or I’m stuck with this wallpaper forever!!! I love it but pls do something. And please make the wallpaper for free. Overall good app ?❤️????????


This app doesn’t tell you the price of this app at all in the Apple store till you buy this app. And this app has ads too. Now i can’t remove this app from my iPhone. Fix and i will give you five stars.


Best app

These fake reviews make me laugh

It is disgusting when a app is so degraded in quality and loaded with tons of ads. And while I do agree that developers work hard to make an app work, there should be ads, it also depends on the quality of the app. A simple live wallpaper app which loads Live Photo’s should NOT be infested with ads to preview a Live Photo wallpaper. On top of that you’re going to charge me, the app reviewer $1 for this mess? Instant turn off. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP!



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