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Behance Display is free iOS app published by Behance LLC

Laughably Awful


Crashes every time I open it on my first generation iPad Air. Was this app even tested?

Great portfolio app


A great way to show off your portfolio on the go!



shuts down every time i view any of my photos. used to work fine until a couple of updates ago. went to an interview and when it came time to show my work it was unusable. pretty embarrassing.



Just like that. First try. Crash and burn.


Ginga Balz

Crashes constantly.


Where's My Hippo

Was showing client portfolio, or trying to and the app crashed 3x. Looks like it has been an issue since October?!

Hate Latest Update

Shavonn Blueitt

I loved using this app before the latest update. I feel like being able to carry around my digital portfolio without needing Internet connection helped me snag my last two job offers which is why I give it 3 stars. The latest update won't sync properly. I haven't been able to display my work in over 2 months... It's driving me crazy.



ATTENTION APP DEVELOPERS!!! Why is this app available on the App Store? It has one job to do. Sync and display your Behance projects. It cannot do that in its current state on my up to date iphone or iPad. It crashes on sync, it crashes on display, it crashes on scroll! I am a professional photographer and storyboard artist so having a display of my work is essential. When I first got this app it was a life savor. I installed it many months ago and it was spot on reliable and made me proud to show my portfolio and, AND, I told everybody about this software singing its praises. Well how embarrassing that is today. You see, quite a while back there was an update. New features it said, works better it said. Oh my. Perhaps untested? Hmm? Perhaps an afterthought? Now it is broken and never works. Let me just say that again just so it sinks in. This app in incapable of performing its only purpose. Analogy time boys and girls. Let's say you're in the rest room and find the is no toilet paper. You call out, hey please someone hand me some toilet paper! Instead of TP someone hands you a bottle of hot sauce. There ya go pal! This app is the hot sauce. Ok I am a second and third chance kind of guy so seeing as I haven't touched it in months I though I would check in with the sad little app. I verified I had the latest version of the app and most current iOS for my iPhone 6+ and as soon as I tried to sync, crash, display a project? CRASH! What is the use of this app? Why even have it in the store. I will be uninstalling it today and looking for a better solution. Possible move my work off of Behance. Oh well.

Great companion

Haiku Wear

This app is a great companion for the websites. It work seamlessly and is great tool to have your portfolio at your fingertips. The fact that it is viewable even without an Internet connection is great, for those moments when you want to share your work but, don't have s good connection.

A Phenomenal Idea!


[UPDATE: this app continues to be really useful in showing people my work. Thanks again Behance! It used to be pretty buggy, but it seems to be doing pretty well right now.] I am so happy because of the fact that this app stores your works offline. I used to try showing people my behance on my phone through the behance app. It took too long to load...and sometimes didn't load. This is why I'm glad for this app because I can immediately pull up my portfolio to show to people (especially potential clients and employers I may meet on the fly). Glad I finally downloaded it. Thank you all. God bless