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BBC History Magazine is free iOS app published by Immediate Media Company Limited

Just as good as the print version


I love this magazine. I started buying the print version after I got hooked on the podcast and wanted to read the accompanying articles. I was so glad when I started the digital subscription - more convenient and always on time.

Just amazing


Different point of views. Short stories. Great option.

Great magazine!


Great and informative

Great magazine


Great content that makes full use of the digital format. This is what a digital magazine was meant to be.

Love this app

John Bisbing

I enjoy reading about history. This is a great app for this purpose.

BBC History Magazine is Illuminating !


I have been subscribing to the digital version for over a year now and I have read each issue and special features all the way through . I really love Historical Literature and reading history helps the literature become more exciting . Since I have not yet been able to travel overseas , BBC History allows me the pleasure of seeing many things I can't visit in reality . At least I will know where to visit when I can travel !



Great magazine

Love it

[email protected]

This magazine is informative, entertaining and well-illustrated. Nobody does history as well the BBC.


Mit Seiler

An amazingly erudite compilation of various eras pertinent to the history of what has become and remains, thus far, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as associated nations. The magazine ranges from prehistory through the annals of European history, focusing on that of the U.K., to modern regimes that affect us all. As an American I appreciate the catholic (small "c") range of the articles and analyses. Well done!


Benade 255

My 5th time trying to post a review. It keeps deleting them because someone else took the nickname. WHY? Couldn't download magazine despite getting billed. No help available except from apple who would only refund

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