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BBC History Magazine is free iOS app published by Immediate Media Company Limited

Love this magazine


Don't get me wrong; it's not "deep" - you won't feel like you practically earned a PhD by reading it. But it is fun and interesting and wonderful for relaxing reading. I've been reading British history as a hobby for about a quarter century now, too, yet, in this one, I'm constantly reading interesting tidbits about people and events I never knew before. Here's hoping other magazines adopt this one's idea of clicking on articles you like to get additional information. Love that!

A good magazine to increase ones basic knowledge of U.K. history


I find this magazine to be an affordable and factually based way of gaining an increased knowledge of British History. It's written at an "Everyman" level that should be understood by most readers.

I am enjoying it


I liked the magazine before. Now I enjoy it even more that it downloads right away and is virtually the same format as the actual magazine.

I Never Fail to Find an Article of Interest in Each and Every Issue


Every Anglophile, with any interest in history, will want this magazine. The app is pretty good, with just a little bit of inconvenience, but with a lot of "pinching to zoom in" I can even read the magazine on my iPhone 6 Plus.



I love British history and the articles in this magazine are very interesting and well written!!

Good magazine, great podcast,bad app

T. Peter

The app is twitchy, often failing to open. Once it finally cracks open, the design is a crowded, not fully considered version of the magazine. Who has minutes to wait for an app to finally decide to open?



I love British History and I love this magazine! I wish I could read it on my kindle as well as my iPhone.

One of my favorites!


I highly recommend this history publication! Listen to the podcast too!

Very good


Your history is fantastic


Anglophile Fun

Well written articles. Excellent illustrations. A very smart publication.

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