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BBC History Magazine is free iOS app published by Immediate Media Company Limited

Great for History Buffs!


I absolutely love history. BBC has a little bit of everything, so I can learn about things I don't know anything about, and get new information on topics I've researched throughly. The quality is amazing, too. The only problem is that issues cost money, but I realize that money has to be made. It's also expensive- at least for me, a 13 year old who has no source of income whatsoever. Thank you for reading this, and have a great day (or night)!

Magazine not so much n

Colorado Dave

I think this magazine is so extremely well done. The content well written and researched and laid out as to draw the reader in. However, the app is very buggy. I’m running the app on a brand new iPad Pro 12.9” on the current OS and the app constantly crashes while trying to have an article read via the app. Certain issues will just not download, even if doing an inner app purchase restore or iPad restart. So I’m playing roulette if I purchase an issue wondering if I’ll be able to download and read. I tried to contact The developer direct via the link on the App Store to alert them to these issues but I constantly receive an error message and can’t proceed. Great magazine frustrating app.

App crashes

Frustrated history buff

Frustrated with constant crashing of app when attempting to open a bookmarked page. Love the magazine, hate the app- so buggy. Yes, due diligence done- updates installed, newest iOS, blah blah blah tired of the developers checklist as to why it must be my fault and not your buggy app.

Iffy app

father pete

Don’t know what has happened to this app, but now on my iPad and iPad mini, I can download a mag to my tablet, but when I go to look at it later I just have blank pages or the app crashes. When I do get to read an issue they have changed the layout to a scroll version of the article rather than a straight copy of the mag page - which I preferred. I’ve canceled my sub

Impossible to unsubscribe

Illyria Lady

I noticed that each month I was being charged twice so I decided to unsubscribe. There is no easy way to unsubscribe. I used the proper method of unsubscribing on the Buysubscriptions website but there was no action and I received no response. The following month I was charged twice again. I will continue to try to unsubscribe.

Beautiful Magazine

Edna Millay

Update, Sept. 2019. The app crashes when I try to load new issues. Haven't got useful help yet from the support team. Hope this isn't the end of a beautiful thing. 😕 If you already love history, this magazine is a fun way to take a break from your 500 page tome and read short, beautifully illustrated articles on a variety of topics. If you're just getting into history, it's a good way to sample a variety of topics. That said, the mag is almost completely Anglo-centric and caters to already well-developed English audiences enamored of the Tudors, the middle-ages, World War II, Vikings and Celts, and these basic areas get covered over and over again, albeit from many angles. Nonetheless, I really enjoy it. Another mag, World Histories, may be more palatable to those wanting a less England- focused dose of history.



I always try to give an app 5 stars. But I have purchased my 2 year of this magazine and I CANNOT open any of the magazines from the past months. It will only let me open the month that we are in. It is very frustrating.. I need HELP!! K. W. Dania Beach, Florida USA

Great app — when it works.


Unfortunately there are lots of glitches in the app. Periodically, it simply shuts down when I try to read one of my issues. I’ve had to delete the app and reinstall numerous times which means I have to download issues again and again. I’d give it five stars if it wasn’t for that.

Great History Magazine


I love history; this is an amazing magazine to read. I read about the past in pieces, later I connect the dots. 👨‍⚕️

I love history


This magazine is a wonder source of information about England and its history.

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