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Banana Kong is free iOS app published by FDG Mobile Games GbR



Great game

Fun Game


I really enjoyed the game overall until recently. There seems to be a bug within the game that occurs every week. The mission list continues to repeat even if you skip the mission, it gets replaced with the same thing. I also had a few times that the mission would show up, but let’s say I had to do something 5 times, if I did it once I got the banner saying it was completed. The mission list updates to something else, but you don’t credit for any mission you completed. This is the case for things you actually completed as well. Please fix this.



Very fun! Most runner games are pretty basic (and get boring like after 5 minutes) but this game keeps me entertained for hours to come!

It’s fun

David S 32

This is a fun little game if you want to just pass some time and not have to think too much. Lol



It reminds me of donkey Kong so it’s awesome

Love this game


Great game, playing it for years,, I had 700,000 bananas ,, did a download on apple and loss 200,000 bananas, after a while I got the 200,000 bananas back and had over 1,300,000 bananas and banana kong app stoped working , so after trying a ton of things to retrieve it . I ended up having to delete the entire game and re-install it and now it's working perfect again..... I did loss my 1,300,000 bananas, and had to start over with zero bananas..... but I have played this game so much that I stack up about 10,000 bananas each time I play ... so it should not take long the get those 1,300,000 bananas back

Fun for the whole family


Love playing this game with the family, it's great!!!

It’s fun


I like it a lot. It’s not predictable.






Great game!