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Banana Kong is free iOS app published by FDG Mobile Games GbR

Great runner


Loads of fun. Almost like an arcade game back in the day. Nice job.

Cool game but hard😑😑😑


I really like this game! It reminds my mom of donkey Kong! I hope that all the other players that play this gamelove it too


Purple Nurple26

Ok I’ve only had this game for not even an hour and it’s really good I got a lot of the stuff

Update deleted my progress

bk banana slamma

Not a bad game but with the update, all my progress was deleted (I probably had 75% of stuff in the game). I don’t see why there couldn’t have been some workaround implemented to avoid this.

Banana Kong

kong banna

It’s a great game awesome



Grandioso me gustó le falta algunas cosas pero es entretenido

The best


Hi my name is kong and im so proud of this game

Game is fun and addictive!


I made this for the bananas.

Desperately needs to be on Apple TV

$1K Master

Great game that should be on the Apple TV. Come on guys, make it happen! πŸ‘

I like this game

sity in the sky

It is good fun and fun to pass the time before my school I play it