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Love to draw your own characters and worlds? Come share them with the fastest growing community for OC artists! Meet new friends, find tips and tutorials, and discuss characters and ideas in a vibrant and welcoming community. Arts and OCs Amino is like a chatroom, gallery, and social network all rolled into one!
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-SHARE your drawings, paintings, and creations of any medium in a supportive environment
-MEET fellow artists from all over the world
-PLAN collaborations, trades, and commissions
-DEVELOP your artistic knowledge with challenges and quizzes
-LEARN and CONTRIBUTE to our Arts and OCs wiki - an encyclopedia of tricks, techniques, and more!


GREAT but..

got banned and no one is hearing me out ????

I got banned for no reason

I love this app me and my friends would talk about are newest posts and art I loved it but one time I used a GIF and asked for art ideas and it got reported immediately go reported I don’t know who but yeah then I tried again a few months later and the same thing happened some of my post would get reported for no reason and it really disappointed me then I did a quiz thing and I got reported again then the next day I went on the app I was banned


This is good but the only thing I don’t like is I can’t search unless you get the normal amino

Pogo boyo

very yummy

I like it for drawing purposes

Sure this app is good for drawing and posting ,but when it comes to posting one thing other then what that app is for they take your post down. I find it very frustrating. Luckily I use instagram for my rps and Posts so i don’t have to worry if i’m going against guidlines.

What the actual fRIK

Anytime I open the app it goes black and crashes , it works for a small amount of time then stops! And I really need help so please reach out to me fast

Not ALL art is accepted!!

I came into this app because someone had suggested it once I had spoke and shown my OCs (own character/s) on another Amino app. They had told me it was a fun place where you can share “Art”. After joining I found out that not ALL art is excepted, to the point were if it isn’t drawing and painting type art (water colors, doodles, digital art traditional art etc.) that it is removed and labeled irrelevant-Not Aloud. (No photography, sculptures, carving and more fall under this category of NOT aloud.) I had read the guidelines and they had claimed the only reason for “other” art to be accepted is if its “OC” related but they hadn't gone into detail of what MUST be included. Until I had uploaded a sculpting I had done for my OC. It was labeled irrelevant and taken down due to no information on my character. When I had asked about why my art post being removed even when it’s of my OC, thats when they update their guidelines finally and fully putting what they DO and DO NOT allow. At that point, it becomes a stressful place where I ended up deleting it because of its overwhelming guidelines of RESTRICTIONS. There’s to many in my opinion and this review is exactly that. This is my opinion and what I’ve personally dealt with. Overall if you’re looking to share only OC content (NOT ALL art types though) or meet others w/ OCs, its a good place to do so. Not to worry either, their guidelines have been updated to explained further into restrictions of art. Otherwise, if you’re looking to show your art (no matter what media of expression) and want to show love for arts in general find another amino. ? Call me salty if you will ? But it should just be called “OC Arts” Or just disappointed..title was misleading ??‍♂️

Love for amino

Love The app so many it’s people to talk to and art

A good review

This is a good for beginners and many more artist as well and I think this app is very creative in it own way . The different things u can join and have chat to chat with other artists .

Unban plz

My name was MoonWatcher I never stole art I don’t even know how to I never did anything bad at all Why did I get banned?!?! ->- don’t get it or u can Get banned for no reason