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ContactLaunch - Photo Dialer for FaceTime and Skype

ContactLaunch is a modern-age address book that includes integration with popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter and the ability to launch popular apps such as Phone, Messages, Mail, Maps, Skype, FaceTime, and 19 different Twitter clients.
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ContactLaunch doesn't specify whether your adding a phone number, an email or mailing address, or a username for FaceTime, Skype, or Twitter. It's completely up to you to designate the purpose of each form of contact. This flexibility allows you to assign a number of possible functions to one contact. Have a phone number you want to designate for calling, texting, and launching FaceTime? not a problem!

• Send group text messages and emails
• Start group chats using Skype 4+
• Attach images to emails or tweets
• Make calls, send SMS, and use FaceTime
• Launch Skype for calling or chatting
• Import contacts from your Address Book
• Import contacts from Facebook
• Launch GV Connect to call or send SMS
• Launch GV Mobile + to call or send SMS
• Use Camera+ to import photos
• Assign contacts as favorites
• Send iMessages

• Change the background color to Black or White
• Choose from 10 different accent colors
• Turn on the option for a unified theme color
• Choose your preferred Twitter client
• Disable Facebook

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Ehhh... It has potential. 

It's an ok app. Personally, I feel that if this app is aiming to be more modern, a Facebook option should be available. The app requires you to upload photos from your album on your phone and I sort of assumed that it would be able to sync your contacts into it as well. Not so much. I have over 300 contacts in my phone and just don't have the time to manually enter them all; let alone download pictures to my album and then uploading them to the app. I'm giving 2 stars until there is a decent update.

Completely worthless
Patrick Mcglynn

Crashed in the first 5 minutes... Im not even exaggerating. I had to delete this app in 5 minutes

The Chopper

I was so excited with the concept of this app that I did not even check out the reviews. Its a terrible app. I have all my contacts synced with Facebook photos but I can't import contacts from address book or from Facebook. Please don't waste your time on this app.

Good but needs fb integration

Good concept and ui is great but its useless without facebook integration. Please add this and youll get 5 stars

Like :)
Tony Sánz

I love it but it need more functions like automatic change the facelaunch contacs picture if you change it on a contac. Full text messages app like the messages app, and phone history and call like the phone app. :)

Has Facebook now! Score!!

Really love this app. It's very easy to use and the dev is always updating it to make it even better. Been using it for months and I tell everyone about it!! Contrary to what others have said, you CAN import your contacts, if they have photos. Now you can even use Facebook! Perfect!!!

Good but
Maximilian L

Only shows contacts with pictures


Why ever time you close it moves it to the front contacts

Horrible Save your $1.00

I'm not sure what people like about this app. It needs a lot of work done. It's unusable. I'll try again in 6 months

wish this fit iPhone 5 screen

this is a good app. just wish it fit the iPhone 5 screen (even if this app is not optimized for iOS 7).