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So yes, you are special. But are you UNIQUE? Have you ever wondered how unique are you among the 6 billion people that live in the world? This is the app to find out.
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Through a series of simple questions and with the help of our statistical supercomputers, we will be able to find out how many people do you share characteristics with. Let us know how you are... We will tell you how many more of you are there in the world!


Not exactly right answer

I can't find the countries like as Hong Kong,Japan,Korea and etc.So I deleted this app already.

WVU girl 14

Such generic questions! Ask me about my life! Not just gender age ethnicity and religion! Drivers license can tell ya that.


Totally unrelated to a personality quiz. What a joke. More like a census report!! How incredibly misleading! Total waste of time!!!


Pues aver qe tal


The same as every other dumb survey

Don't buy
Pink Mermaid 20

It asks u stupid questions l

Ignorant creator!!!
Lover of Fashion

How the hell are you supposed to ask what country you were born in when you don't include every country in the world?! I'm from South Korea and my first language was Korean! If I could give this no stars, I would.

Too generic
C Ride

I'm ambidextrous and multicultural. Therefore, I couldn't accurately see how original I am. Needs more options per category.

Too short

It asked about five questions then gave me the statistics. That's. it. All the questions were very generalized with not many options for answers. In between each question, it gave me a little f.y.i. At first I thought that was a creative add-on. But then realized (when I tried to replay) that the facts were the same, no matter what answer I gave. So around five questions and five fun facts to find out, there are about 3 million other people that are left handed Female Christians...ok...

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