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Air Resistance

Invade the enemy airspace with different aircrafts and see how far you can reach. Dodge the enemy air force deployed to intercept and destroy you.
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Games Free Petri Ruotsalainen iPhone, iPad, iPod

Collect the game money and buy more advanced flying machines. Use armed aircrafts with auto fire to shoot the enemy out of the sky.
The game starts deceptively slowly, but the action gets more intense as the game constantly speeds up and the longer you fly, the faster it gets.
This game combines intuitive touch controls with beautiful graphics and an energetic original sound track.

How to play:
- Slide your finger on screen to steer you aircraft
- Dodge all enemies
- Collect money and power-ups
- Lucky teddy-bear power up increases the rate of money coming in
- Tiny star power-up makes all enemies on screen explode
- Heart power-up makes all the money fly towards you for a while
Have a happy flight!


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