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EMF (Electromagnetic field) are important part in modern day ghost research.
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This application has some scientific evidence, but not enough to be a genuine ghost recorder, so please consider this app for entertainment purposes only, a prank app.
You can use this application to scare and prank your friends and family. The will think they are actually able to record ghost voices, we added some professional effects to facilitate the recording of sounds that are normally unheard.

People that believe in this type of technologies, believe that these types of records permit you to communicate with paranormal energies, for example: ghosts, spirits, etc..

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are electronically generated noises that resemble speech, but are not the result of intentional voice recordings or renderings. Common sources of EVP include static, stray radio transmissions, and background noise. Interest in the subject normally surrounds claims that EVP are of paranormal origin.

If you own an old generation iPod, you may need an external microphone.





Don't waste your time you have to send them before you cam even hear the recorded message. And it's basically a voice recorder that's it.


I rec.'d in my grandfathers house now dead and he sed yes to me web I sed are u here

I know awesome games

How do u delete the recordings

Just stupid!

Title says it all.


The dang thing says nothing!

Ghosthuner 5

How do u delete the ones u don't need


This thing works I was making a fake recording I asked how did u die and rite before my friend said suicide I Hurd murder!!!creepy

Pretty cool

I acsadentaly hit the record button and then the recording went all staticy and then it said come on

What it about 2 read is 100% true

I was in my room and I was using this app. This is what was recorded: Me:Is there anyone in this house?? Recorded:Yes Me:how old were you when you died? Recorded: 9 Me: how did you die??? Recorded: daddy Me: did your father murder you?? Recorded: yes Me: is there more? Recorded: yes Then my recorder went so crazy I had to turn it off and delete it because I am terrified!!!! Remember I don't lie! This really happened!!!!!!

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