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A Scary Recorder Lite is free iOS app published by Gp Imports Inc, Software Development



I was recording and I said what age did you die and I heard a girl whisper 10

Poor app


After recording there was no way to listen to it... Sent to computer and still didn't work.

It seems a lot if people are faking


People just need to stop scaring little kids. None of this is real.

Might ?


Mostly people are saying its crapy so not downloading even it is free sorry not really I might :)?

Good basic sound clip recorder. Hasn't frightened me yet.


It does have a problem. The audio outputs to the phone speaker rather than the bigger "speakerphone" speaker.

Waste of time!


I had some amazing audio of some spirits causing a ruckus. It was two weeks after that I felt like listening to it again and it wouldn't play anything. Everything was lost! Really wished I'd discovered my voice memo option before wasting my time with this. It was the best evidence to date. You would have crapped your pants. Thanks for nothing!

What a joke


Enjoy if you want a laugh it only loops back what you ask it oh and if you have a cat and it meows in the next room it will sound like its right beside you lol



Do you think this would be a good thing to try with an ouija board since it is known as the gateways between worlds?



Wouldn't even start, locked up.

Didn't do anything.


I downloaded this and when I brought the app up it didn't do anything. It wouldn't let me click on record, play, settings, it didn't do anything.wouldn't waste your time on this.