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How well do you know horse breeds? Given a breed name you have to select the correct photo from a set of six. Get as many correct as you can but get three wrong and the game is over.
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Antique Tractor Lover

If I could give this game 100 stars I would. This game taught me the importance of learning your horse breeds. It brought me and my friends together because like me they too share a passion for identifying horse breeds

It’s ok

I love this game,but instead of you recognizing the horse breeds your really memorizing them.Also there isn’t enough pictures.There should also be a button where it tells you about the breed.They should be more decorative and add music in the background or something.PLEASE ADD THIS IN THE NEXT UPDATE PLEEEAAASSE!!!!!!!!!!

Wheeler sally

Same 10 or so pictures over and over. I just kept winning, first because I know my horse breeds, then because you just know the pictures. Boring after 5 minutes. Deleting the app.

3x horses

I love it and after you play it you know every single horse on it!

Ok I guess

I already now horse breeds but it is fun I suggest my horse my user name is yeehawcowgirlup

3x horses

I know a lot of horse breeds well enough to say some of these pictures are not good representations of the breeds at all.


Im on my ffa chapters horse eval team and this is great review when it comes to identifying breeds

Not that great

Well I got the game to learn horse breeds but It crashed on me three times in one minute

Pretty good. Add more breeds, and get proper representations.

This has a good concept, and some of the pictures are great representatives of the breed. But the Morgan, Thoroughbred, Warmblood and Marwari were badly chosen.

Could be better.
Horse crazy!!!!!!!!

Amazing photos but can get a little boring after you do the same one over and over. If you put more breeds on the game then I would rate it a 5*****star.