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Identify the US States. GeoStates displays the outline of a state and marks its location on the map with a pin. You need to select the correct state name from a list of four.
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Education Free MmpApps Corp. iPhone, iPad, iPod



This game is very boring and very laggy. I don’t get why people would download such a bad app.

Becky 18

This game is a really good game that teaches you the states

Jordan d Brennan

Game is so awesome

Best there is

We play this in school all the time.

The BEST Apps!!!
Marty's Genius

These are the BEST geographical testing apps!!! They are all very High-quality!!! I have owned and used them (about 30 apps) for a long time now. All 30 apps are very high on my "favorite apps" list. They are well-developed (details were well thought through), and I will buy anything educational that you develop!!! Apps run so slick, beautifully and smooth!! I have fun while learning so much!!!

It's amazing

This helped me a lot when I had to study for a test , works really good . No glitches . Perfection really .


Was looking for a game that lists by geographic region. This is not it. There are waaaayyyy too many ad's and no instruction or settings. Deleted the app

Helped me study for a test
Megan Benavides

I had a SocialStudies test on the USA. This helped me study

Love this app
Leslie osbeida

I love this app because it help my study my states for a test on the u.s history class.


I can't even start a quiz before I'm immediately transferred to the Game Center to create an account. Downloaded, and immediately deleted. Not worth the effort.