Stellar on iPad. Not optimized for iPhone. – The Battle of Polytopia Review

This game gets 10 stars on the iPad, but I was disappointed when I left my iPad at work and tried to play it on my phone tonight. I have the new iPhone 12, but I’m pretty sure it would have been a problem on the older ones too — the menu at the top is cut off by the speaker/camera cutout at the top of the screen. Nbd just use it in landscape mode right? Wrong. That way, the menu at the bottom is cut off by the home “button” (the slider that gives you your home/you app switcher). Anyway, I’m completely hooked on this game and annoyed I missed an evening of good quality gaming because it really is that good. The gameplay is varied, interesting, and the procedurally generated maps make it fascinating to play and replay. I’m super satisfied with the 4 different gameplay styles in the basic pack but won’t hesitate at All to buy the IAPs when I’ve played through these. Will happily give these folks money... especially if they can fix the iPhone compatibility issues 😁
Review by Erisedilla on The Battle of Polytopia.

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