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I just wanted to say that I am VERY disappointed with the pregnancy mode on this app. When I switched to pregnancy mode after I found out I was pregnant-it hid my last period dates!!! So I made my ultrasound appointment based on when the app stated my last period was which was a month early-so I had my ultrasound at 5.5 weeks rather than 8 weeks which totally wasted a ultrasound for my insurance to cover! I am so incredibly upset about this-the app should NEVER hide recorded period dates!!! This should definitely be now Again-that was NOT made clear-how was I supposed to know that the red color of my recorded periods with the flow notes and all would turn yellow? I truly think the period records should not change in appearance...I do appreciate your speedy response and hope this can be considered in the next update
Review by Mash872 on Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker.

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