Biased “insights” and difficult graphs – Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker Review

The health “insights” offered by the app can sometimes be biased and flat out scientifically incorrect. However, there is no option for sending feedback on these articles. Please allow for a “report” option similar to Instagram or any other platform so that we can give feedback, especially when extremely biased language is being used (“doesn’t barbarically interfere” in a recent post that was super pro-hormonal birth control). These posts become advertisement quickly, discrediting other, objective information offered in other posts. In general I think they do well offering objective information which makes these biased posts stand out even more. The ability to retrospectively add a record of taking medications that weren’t on the list prior would be great. So, if I’ve started taking zinc four days ago but am just now logging it, I have to use the Notes feature until today when I can add it as a medication. More options in degrees of symptoms- acne, for example, could have three levels for severe, moderate, and light? And then, if the graphing options could follow with more flexibility for tracking certain patterns of your body (not just the ones selected by the app) that would be great! The design is excellent and it’s generally enjoyable to use.
Review by JFrankGeorge on Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker.

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