Beautiful results...but has it's limitations – Sharalike - Slideshow Review

The slideshows are amazing. The transitions are seamless and the backgrounds are enlarged images of the photos...just gorgeous! You can use your own music which is a plus, however you cannot set the timing on the slideshow to match the length of the song. You also cannot edit photos. For example, I started with 88 photos, however my song only accommodated 41. Through trial and error I consolidated photos using the PhotoGrid app (amazing!) so that I could still use all the photos I wanted to. This way I could display 5 pics on one page (with cool stickers & frames thx to PhotoGrid). Would be nice if Sharalike had something comparable. Also, u CANNOT save the video anywhere. You can share it, but it stays put on the site. So much for saving to your camera roll. Also, 3 stars had to be given due to repeated crashing while entering captions for photos...I mean a lot! I started having to save after each caption was entered. But the end product truly was gorgeous!
Review by Appghtb on Sharalike - Slideshow.

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