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Not ALL the stroke orders are wrong. I looked at the first character, A, and saw no problem. That right there tells me you're an immature liar. Plus, people don't follow the stroke order for everything. How do you write the letter P? Some people do a circle first, then draw a line straight down... To the person asking about "ga gi gu ge go," ever seen what the characters look like? Ever noticed they look JUST like the K-series? If you add a dakuten (or softening mark), it becomes a different set without changing much (just adding a small quotation mark at the upper-right of the character). Same with your "da di du de do"--that's for the T-series (and there is no official "di", besides でぃ. I doubt you know more than 10 characters). MY notes for this app, though, is that it would be a good idea to add a kana test to improve the memory of some people. Other than that, it's good for practice whenever you forget how to write something.
Review by Crunchinator on Kana Strokes (Japanese Hiragana + Katakana).

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