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Zoola Animals - Lite is free iOS app published by INBAL Tal


Dr kids

I use this at home and at work. I work in a busy hospital with many children. I use it to distract them when I am examining them or if i want to give them medicine. The kids love it ! they love that they can press the buttons and hearing all the sounds. This app makes for an overall better exam and allows me to do my job better. I love the pictures and the sounds are crystal clear. the symphonic music is very soothing.

Wonderful app for kids


This is a great app for little kids to learn about animal sounds..its so easy to get kids motivated to learn from this very easy to use app. I would recommend this to anyone with small kids.

Great for kids!

michelle capp

My daughter loves this app and so do I. It is a great way for her to learn the sounds animals make and the pictures are awesome too! I recommend this app to parents with young kids.

Zola baby animals


Great pictures but no sound!



This application for Ipad is a magnificent idea. My one year old learned the names of the animals without being bored. I highly recommend the Zoola Application to all the parents with children under 2 years of age. Thank you. A.Eagleman, M.D.

Great Pictures


I love the great pictures of animals and kids! I am a teacher of students who are Hard of Hearing and used this app for building vocabulary and for sound recognition. I would play and sound and the student would guess the animal. Now, we can't play that game because the animal name is said first. Could you please add in an option to turn that off? The pictures that show different genders/ adults/ young are great! The sounds are great! Add this one feature and I would gladly buy the full version.

Okay app


Nice photos. It let's you choose to see the male, female and baby of each animal --plus a "heart warming" picture of each. This may be appealing to some kids, but I felt like the navigation buttons distract from the pictures. I recommend the Sound Touch app instead.

The best animal app

Joseph Pitchhadze

Great pictures and music. My son adores this app. Definitely his favorite.


Kristen DS

One if the monkey photos has a very noticeable, pink penis. Not what my kids need to see.