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Enter the world of this Army Medic turned zombie. While his team was rescuing people during the zombie outbreak, one of the wounded on his helicopter turned. To save himself, he had to jump. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to make it out in time. Now it is your job to keep him alive for as long as possible by eating birds and dodging the bombs.
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Games Free Michael Hirsch iPhone, iPad, iPod

As you play, bombs will begin to drop faster and new birds will be introduced to the game. A crate will drop every 100 meters. Capturing crates will either give you a bomb suit, 10 coins, or bird seed. Bird seed attracts birds from all directions and they will follow you until it is eaten. You can use coins to obtain more bird seed per crate, increase the amount of bird seed you can hold, and expand the amount of explosions that your bomb suit can take.

Have fun and try not to die... too quickly.


Who doesn't love skydiving zombies?!
Gee tarr

This game is super addicting. A great story line and even better detail. Love it! Makes it even better that a good friend made it.

Easy to play, hard to master!

ZombieChute is a fun and challenging one-hand game. I'm already trying to compete with my friends for the best score!

Hilariously fun!

Need I say more?

Great Game for My Downtime
Nate Kurtz

Fun game with intuitive controls! Perfect for those 5 and 10 mins downtimes I get. Recommended!

The Trenster


JesAnne Bouchard

Great game- like a backwards Doodlejump but has more of a point! It's nice to play when waiting in lines, etc. addicting!

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