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"Welcome to amazing Zen Fire Ball.
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Zen Fire Ball let you experience the amazing fire ball game that sets a new standard of fun over any other game of this genre. This touch to play game has simple gameplay. You need to keep the fire ball safe from the dangerous path, the more distance you cover, higher score you get. You will move through a complicated maze sort of procedurally generated path while avoiding different shapes in the path, but you need to be careful because the path is very complicated.

Zen Fire Ball is very simple to play. Navigate right or left using controls to drag the fire ball on the straight path. Stay in the line and go as far as you can. Do as many zigzags as you can but try not to touch the walls. Avoid the obstacles or the fire ball will explode and the game will be over.

Download the Zen Fire Ball today and enter the world of fun and thrill.


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