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Yummy Burger Cooking Restaurant Maker

Yummy Burger is the fun App Game which is easy to play but tests your Hand-Eye Coordination, Response time and Decision making ability to the fullest.
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This Game will help in building quick decision making and fast Hand-Eye Coordination of the Player.

In Yummy Burger player is shown the image of the Burger with the toppings required and player has to make the Burger in quickest time to score the points as there is a Timer running. The faster the action in correct way, the more the Time the player gets for playing and scoring more points.

Create a delicious burger with all the cool toppings as shown on the Screen while playing by using the Navigation Keys to Select. It is engaging and challenging game for Kids, Teens, Grown Ups to play and pit them again and again against oneself to score more points.

Dress up your Burger in the Quickest time to Score More!!!


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