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By using research-based mood tracking, students learn how to pause, reflect, problem solve and share their feelings.
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YouHue gives educators regular insights into how students are feeling today, and over time about their learning and themselves.

Why YouHue?

- With YouHue, students grow core social-emotional skills.

- It’s simple, fun and easy to incorporate into the daily classroom routine.

- Educators can use insights to identify and address pressing issues such as mental health or learning challenges.

- Educators can respond mindfully to each child’s unique needs, passions, and goals.

- YouHue improves student wellbeing, strengthens student-teacher relationships and creates caring, resilient classrooms.

“Students feel safe behind digital screens. Asking them to check in on their tablets with an app gives a teacher a reliable measure of how her students are feeling and allows the teacher to track students’ moods over time. An excellent example of such an app is YouHue.” - Heather T. Forbes, Classroom 180

What educators are saying about YouHue?

“Children in school know this is a way they can reach out and let someone know something, even when they don't feel confident or comfortable to say it out loud to someone.”

“...As a deputy head, it is impossible for me to get time to speak to each and every child on a daily basis. However with YouHue, I know how they are feeling and any distressed or worried students are flagged to me...”

“YouHue helped turn around one of my students. He wants to learn now and he’s doing well. His confidence level is increasing.”

“YouHue has allowed us to put in place measures to support students through challenging days and longer periods of time.”

YouHue works on all devices; iPads, iPhones, tablets, and computers.

YouHue – it all starts with, ‘how are you?’

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