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Doing a yard sale? This app might help you!
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Finance Free matan radomski iPhone, iPad, iPod

Manage a list of products, each product that you enter you put a price and can manage the yard sale virtually. Add decimal prices, view sell history, choose currency type, and even see how many money you made and how many products you sold.

Yard sale assistant is now free for everyone!


Doesn't work.
Anonymous 714

Take off App Store. Was able to download. Open app, try to enter product and doesn't have anywhere to enter info. Then tells says you need to enter info. WHERE? Useless.




Completely useless I would rate it a zero if I could. Don't waste you're cash

Fell short but mainly good

It was a little less than expected but I still found it useful when dealing with my products.

Could be better...

It's a nice app, but you can't edit prices/items if you make a mistake or if you haggle down the price. I've also had an issue when trying to adjust settings of the whole app shutting down... :/


If you fix it for ios7 I will give it a better revue

Doesn't do anything!
This is why I don't do reviews

It just sits there. I cannot enter any items. When I hit Settings, it closes the app. Useless!

Doesn't even work

I can't even put in my products

The Overlord of Awesomeness

Looks great when it opens ,but you get an error when you try to add an item, pick settings and it closes the app. Very disappointed in this app

Can't use

I go to add product, then "enter product name and price" with only choice to "add"..I add and it says must enter the name and price....can't!!!

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