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Santa Injection Simulator is the best surgery simulation mania for amateur surgeon to cure sick patient with injection simulator. Christmas holidays are coming. The cold winter snow is making the Santa sick. Treat itch, pain, wound and fever with crazy injection simulator treatments. Here comes an ill big beard Santa in an ambulance, call the nurse on duty and diagnose what is wrong with him. Treat him with an injection simulator. Make sure the syringe needle prick does not cause piercing pain. Cure sick patients with vaccine without getting him hurt this Christmas. You are going to be the fantastic doctor at this hospital to perform crazy operation simulator along with vaccination for the Xmas Santa. Call professional nurses to help you treat Santa in operation room and bring him back from frozen state so that he can give gifts for princess girls and prince boys on the Christmas party. Doctor games have never been this awesome. Become the real doctor and crazy surgeon to perform the injection simulation. Christmas would never be fun without Santa being around. Treat Christmas Santa with the best Injection simulator treatments. Be the crazy surgeon to take an urgent care with real doctor tools and craziest surgeon treatments. Get a diagnosis done. This Santa Injection simulator game is quite fun to play with stunning 3D Christmas environment. Test your injection simulator skills treat Xmas Santa patients to make them healthy & happy again. Merry Christmas Doctor!
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Santa Injection Simulator starts over by checking the weight and temperature. Make sure the patient doesn’t have a weak heart by using a heartbeat monitor. His knees, arms and legs are shaking due to weakness. According to the symptoms, prescribe a vaccination. Be careful when you prick a needle. Apply an antiseptic cream with a cotton swab to avoid any bleeding from his skin. You may have to shave off or wax the Santa’s hair for the surgery simulation. Hey kids! Take urgent care of the wounded Santa Claus with craziest surgeries simulator at operation clinic this winter season for Christmas. You are going to be the medical surgeon to perform the operation. Call the Brain doctor, kidney doctor, lung doctor, anesthetist and all other surgeons on duty to keep a check on the patient’s organs in the mean time you carry out the injection surgery simulation.

Its Santa's Christmas eve, he got cold. Treat Santa with Injection simulator treatments to save the Christmas party from getting spoiled? To avoid any more damage, prepare for the surgery simulator now. There might be inexperienced nurses who cause itchy pain while injecting vaccines. Get to the hospital now and attend your painful Santa patients coming in ambulance. Vaccine is the best remedy for a real heart transplant, brain, kidney, lungs, stomach, liver, eye infection, skin allergy or any other organ problem. Help Brain doctor treat head injuries with an injection as painkiller. The kidney doctor might need a local anesthesia for the surgery simulation in his operation theater, use a syringe there. It cures high fever instantly. A plastic surgery needs it the most. So help the plastic surgeons in your clinic carry out the surgery with your skills. All the crazy surgeries involve injection simulator skills.

Santa Injection Simulator Features:
√ Stunning 3D Christmas environment
√ Amazing surgery simulator treatments
√ Check weight with a weighing scale
√ Check temperature with a thermometer
√ See heartbeat with a heat beat monitor
√ Apply antiseptic
√ Fill in the injection with medicine
√ Inject the injection on buttocks

The winter snow has caused the long beard fat Santa. How will you enjoy the Christmas party without Santas gift? Your duty is to treat Santa to save the Christmas. Check out the previous reports and surgeries. Ask for brain doctor report, blood pressure history, ear, eye, nose, tongue or any blocked veins or arteries disease which might effect the medical treatments. Merry Christmas!


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