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Looking for an accurate weather forecast that goes out more than a week? WeatherTrends360 meteorologists use proprietary technology to create YEAR-AHEAD global weather predictions with 80% accuracy (independent auditor verified).
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Weather $0.99 Weather Trends International, Inc iPhone, iPad, iPod

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-Global daily forecasts up to a year ahead (6.4 million locations)
-Instant access to current weather for your location
-Detailed daily global forecasts out 15 days
-Hourly forecasts out 7 days
-US Severe weather push notifications (user defined)
-Access to customizable email alert system for personalized weather alerts
- US Radar
-16 animated maps with 15-day forecasts for six global regions or zoom into your backyard using Interactive Maps.

Forecast Details
-Present weather conditions
-Max and Min Temperatures
-Wind Speed/Direction/Gusts
-Wind Chill and Heat Index
-Humidity and Precipitation Details
-Dew Point
-Pressure in inches or mb and Pressure Tendency
-UV Index
-Sunrise/Sunset and Moonrise/Moonset Times
-Moon Illumination Percent

15-Day Animated Maps Include: 
- Max/Min Temperatures
- Rain and Snowfall

- Real-time Lightning strikes
- UV Index
- Sunshine Hours
- Wind Speed and Direction
- Wave Heights
- Water Temperatures
- Real-time Severe Weather Watches/Warnings for the US
- Satellite
- Earthquakes
- Relative Humidity

Weather Trends International has received 12 business and technology awards and was listed #5 on Forbes’ list of America’s Most Promising Companies from a list of 10,000+. The company has clients such as Wal-Mart, Target, AutoZone, Anheuser-Busch, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola and over a 100 more Fortune 1,000 companies. 

Press Coverage: FOX, Travel Channel, Gizmodo, Golf Digest, CNBC TV, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, Canadian National Post, Guardian and dozens more.


Great new weather app

Weather hourly. What's not to love?

Great way to plan my fitness events!
JVS Fitness Professionals

Awesome application! Clean, simple, and easy to use! You can even change the background! Finally a way to plan my daily exercise and upcoming fitness events based on what the weather will be like even weeks and months into the future! LOVE IT!

KUDO'S from a recent Biggest Loser!!!

Down 181 lbs from being on NBC's Biggest Loser Season 11, it feels so great to be a runner. And with this app I'll know way in advance the best days, times and places to walk, run or hike. I love how easy it is to see in an instant what the weather will be where I live, or even in Timbuktu. - Jay Jacobs Biggest Loser, Final 4, Green Team, Season 11


First thing I noticed was that the daily high listed as 83, but the high for today as indicated in the hourly forecast was 87. Buggy.

Good app that will definitely improve

I also had the issue of my location not being picked up even with location services on, but I got a quick response from the CEO and the issue will likely be resolved soon!

Very dissapointing

You can get everything this app shows and far more from websites like wunderground and many others. Very underwhelming app, don't waste your money.

Slider bar is TERRIBLE

Really? A slider bar to select the day? You couldn't think of any other way to select 1 day out of an entire year the to use a ridiculously sensitive slider bar? I wanted to know the weather for July 19th but I spent 5 minutes trying to get the slider bar to land on the correct day. The closest I got was the 20th. As soon as my finger lets up it switches days and I tried holding my finger on the correct day and simultaneously selecting go- doesn't work. This completely defeats the purpose of the app and I am highly disappointed. Don't buy this until they fix it. Ps I don't have fat fingers.

Super cool cool cool

Just bought this app. Crashes every time you press GO.

Doesn't show a full year!

I bought this app to check the weather for my wedding date next June. To my disappointment it only shows up to May 26, 2012! That's less than 11 months from today. What's the deal? It doesn't even add a day to the end each day...just always shows up to May 26. Not cool. Waste of money.

Just got my update - love it
world trvlr

I just got my update for v1.2 while I was traveling and see there is now 7 days worth of hourlies, a couple new maps and some new home screen images. For future versions it would be helpful to put the C/F conversion in the app itself. I did figure out I had to go to settings, find your app in the list and then click OFF to put the app in C units but I love this app. Each version gets better so can't wait to see what you guys have planned for v1.3 any date on that?

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