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Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

◉ Billionaire is a dynamic game to speed up your thinking and help you to be faster and faster.
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Games Free HOA PHAM iPhone, iPad, iPod

◉ Rule of the game as below:
• Answer the 15 questions in the shortest time.
• You have 30 seconds per a question.
• The quicker you answer, the more money you get.
• From question 1 to question 5: You get $ 100 per one second.
• From question 5 to question 10: You get $ 500 per one second.
• From question 10 to question 15: You get $ 1000 per one second.
• Especially, milestone at question 5, question 10 and question 15, you have to bet on answer to double money, triple money and quadruple money.
• You only use to bet on answer one time per play. You only choose 1 option per question at the same time.
• The player can stop the game at any time to protect your current money.
• Finally, the online ranking to show what you got.

◉ Share in social networks (Facebook and Twitter) your achievements and show your friends you're the best.



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