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Hello and Welcome In our New Trivia Game , It's a Trivia quiz make you know which FNAF Are you? also you can play quiz game , and make a prank call with freddys enjoy !
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All the adds

All the adds

This is absolutely terrible.
Editing masterpiece

This game is terrible. I downloaded it for fun, but every single time I click something an INCREDIBLY long ad pops up. And when I say every time, I mean it. Also, when you call Freddy, there’s a bonnie picture. When you call Freddy, there’s a bonnie picture. Plus, you should be able to call chica, foxy, puppet, etc. Also the bonnie one is not even Bonnies voice, it’s not even the FNAF fandom. It’s literally Bendy and the ink machine. It’s also not Freddy’s voice when you call Freddy. This explains why it’s terrible. Plus the questions are wrong. Example: The puppet/marionette is Henry’s daughter.

It’s too scary for me 😭😭😭😭
fnaf is cool🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕

It’s too scary when you call bonnie it’s fine just it’s freddy profile and freddys voice sounds like springtrap it’s too scary I am 7 and it’s just to scary to call freddy pls remove him from call for me pretty pls 😭😭


You tap one thing boom there is and ad I’m talking anything nothing left out it ads ads ads ads take them out it’s annoying!!!!!!!!’

💕Maddie💕 ❤️Maddie❤️

Well it’s good but I don’t like that it says that I’m wrong because if I’m correct Henry’s daughter is marionette right? yeah must be so this is wrong I just don’t like it because that says I’m wrong and other things so wish they could improve that and it says Henry process marionette even though his daughter does but i forget her actual name and when I called Bonnie I got an add but I still heard him and he said he “what could I be? Could I be a glitch” while I was still watching the ad and it scared me

I rate this one star

There’s too many ads

Way too many ads!!!

When I first downloaded the game every time I pressed something it went to an ad right after!!! I deleted this game so fast. Don’t even waste your time getting it!!

Horrible Game (Sorry)

This game is probably the most inaccurate fan game I’ve ever played! Almost every question in it is wrong. CHARLIE POSSESSES THE PUPPET SCRAPTRAP GETS SENT IN THE UNDERWORLD ALL OF THE ANSWERS FOR THE “Who gets burned in the fire in fnaf 6” ARE INCORRECT I’m honestly sorry for being like this. But I cant stand games that cant even put the right answers. You could even search up this and put the correct answers. Please fix this.

Do u even know what fnaf is

Watch a story line video or two because all the storyline is wrong and it ruins the quiz

Sweedy in Mountains