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Take to the skies and join the battle in epic WWII dogfights! Climb into the cockpit of your fully customisable warplane and get ready for take-off - your mission is about to begin!
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Be an ace pilot! Fly solo as a lone wolf or team up with your squadron to control the skies. Pull off gravity-defying stunts and tricks, get the enemy in your sights and hit the trigger to shoot them down. It’s life or death up there, and only the bravest and most skilled pilots will survive!

War Wings lets you fly into the heat of the action in multiplayer PVP dogfights. Compete against millions of players worldwide, destroy enemy squadrons and climb the global leaderboards. Show the world that you own the skies!

BEST NEW GAME - Mobile Developer Conference (HK)
BEST ORIGINAL MOBILE GAME - Mobile Developer Conference (HK)

- Epic 4v4 real-time online PvP dogfighting
- Experience true combat: planes and weapons with realistic damage
- Deck out your warplane: rich customization allows different tactics and strategies
- Huge selection of aircraft to choose from: 70+ customizable models
- Fly WWII - era warplanes based on plane models through history
- Global PvP rankings with rewards and customizable player emblems
- Wide variety of controls: motion, virtual stick or D-Pad

This game requires a minimum 1Gb of free space on your device.

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Remove Cut Screen Animation

I like using the radar map a lot, but it seems like the black cut screen animation when tapping and exiting it is too long for my play style. Also it feels like there are more input latency issues and double tapping boosts in jets seems buggy. Will change back to 5 stars after issues are fixed.

Rating by MinnowPunk

Great game I’d love to see some single PvP battles that would be great and more opportunities to earn gold also ?

Best flight sim ever!

First, I don’t work for the creators, just an avid fan of flight sims. Controls are simple but graphics are great. Fun and exciting FPS using WWII aircraft. My 7 year old can play as well. Researching the aircraft and building the friendships are the best part. Game name Trump1600. Let’s fly!


League play is littered with hackers making it almost impossible to advance. Global chat is also littered with spam. Until the cheating and spamming stops, I spread the word that this game is garbage

Love it

Fun exciting game. Fair battles and easy to build your planes. Up to a level 7 plane and haven’t spent a time. Loving the game.

Love it
Fun game but to

It's been a awesome game to play & have had no issues with any of this game

Fun but some changes would be nice

I have played this game now for months. Stand alone matches are fun and challenging. Not liking the league matches. I have played the last 3 and seem to get near major rank then over and over win 1 lose 1. 1 step forward 2 to 3 back. Costs for items seems extreme too. You should be able to dump planes you don’t want for silver or some gold. The research trees require a ton too.

Cool game
So. Cal shooter

I like the idea of flying old military planes and the action. Game is fun and entertaining.

The best portable simulator ever!!!

I’m use the playing the big boy games (Ace Combat) and this is just equally the same but with all the world warplanes! Excellent and well made!!!

Fun Game

Excellent game