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Voice Notes Pro - Recorder, Notepad

Record directly to MP3 for you & share the recording with your friends at the touch of a button.
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Add notes, to-dos, tags, markers & photos to your audio recording in second with this useful app.


1. Direct recording MP3 audio format - Minimum file size, and can share to any platform.

2. Interrupted to continue

3. Tags

4. Notes

5. Photos

6. Markers - A marker lets you quickly locate a position in a recording

7. Calendar

8. Timeline

9. Starred - Favorites

10. To-dos

11. iCloud - Any recording can be Move into iCloud or Removed from iCloud.

12. Archive - Recordings can be compressed into a zip file for sharing.

13. Video - Recordings and photos can be made for video sharing.

14. PDF

15. Sharing

16. Search

17. ID3 Tags


App Dude Bro

Should come with iOS.

Wondeful! But no reminder

I really like this app. It has awesome features such as sectioning, image support, modifying voice records, being able to record only during talk etc. The only thing that I don't like is lack of a reminder/alarm feature. I wish it allowed me to set a time to get a reminder about listening a voice record periodically. For example, I would like to listen a specific note everyday during weekdays at 8 am. Hope this feature will be added!

Vasili Kitaigorod

Esta versión esta increíble

깔끔한 UI, 안정된 기능

어떤 상황에서도 동작에 신뢰성 있음. 구글드라이브나 텔레그램 공유도 잘 동작함.

Problem in sending voice notes!

recently i faced this problem! Before i could just share the voices via any application but it’s been afew months that i’m not able to share these voice notes via telegram, and it’s really important to me. Another thing that matters to me is the format of the voice. I chose mp3 but there is nothing look like mp3! If i can’t solve my problems i would leave the app. Please help me with this.

Nice tool

Nice tool for dictating contemporaneous notes right after meetings.

Opens up possibilities
Lilly in Fred

I’m a book coach, meaning I help get aspiring writers to write and publish their books. To do this, my clients and I always sit down to talk about what their ultimate goal is. There’s the literal goal but also the emotional/psychological one. I use this app to record these critical conversations, so they can return to the “heart” of their project. It’s a way for them to remember what matters most to their book and audience but also themselves. Thanks so much for this app!!!!

It could be better.... but it’s not bad

It could be better.... but it’s not bad

Scott at Thunder

I use this regularly. Very well designed.


I love good audio note apps, and I’ve been using this one for some years now. I began to use it because other apps weren't reliable. I love this app. It is my go-to recording app for simple audio. I even use it to record a backup for my podcast, and as I record, I use the flag feature to mark things I need to include in the show notes. That way I don't forget to include something. One time, my main audio recording app failed me, and the audio from Voice Notes was good enough to insert it instead.

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