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4/5 rating based on 36 reviews. Read all reviews for Vegas City Slot machines adventure game for iPhone.
Vegas City Slot machines adventure game is free iOS app published by BLONDEA

Awesome app


Awesome game I enjoy playing a game with no chance in winning keep up the great job. Do you have any other games I can get screwed playing. Thanks

Favourite Game!

HT Henry Thomas

This is my most favourite game because this game have best sound quality and awesome design. When I feel boring I play this game. Thanks to developers.

Awesome game


Its a nice game I think i like to alternate with my old casino games Most amazing i can play online too


Manuel Taylor

Vegas City Slot machines adventure game is amazing. This games are very easy and funny, I am many time play this games. I lovee This games. Thanks for the games.

Nice Game


I played many adventure slot games..this one is the best..Easy to play & sound quality and graphics are really good...I love this game..

Vegas City Slot


The best slot game ever!

Awesome game

Taufiqur Rahaman Nowshad

It's a real funny game. I am having too much of it. It made my day. Hope everyone will like it too. All over, sounds game. It's just awesome to play in leisure time. I support it.

nice app


i like this app.because it is very helpfull and it is very usefull i like this app.

Great app


Great app



It's a good game i enjoy it, now it's becoming one of my favorite daily games i wish there were more games like this one!