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* Finally comes to your iPhone and iPod Touch as well as your iPad *
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Extra Features:
√80+ Image Filters.
√Universal: Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
√Passcode Lock for the whole App to secure your Drawings.
√Export/Import your Drawings directly to/from your PC, and MAC.
√Send/Receive your Drawings via AirDrop (Device to Device directly).

'Vector Illustration' is your Ultimate Vector Illustration App for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It supports Paths, Compound Paths, Text, Images, Groups, Masks, Gradient Fills, and an unlimited number of Layers. It was designed with performance in mind. It can easily handle Drawings with hundreds to thousands of shapes without bogging down. Export/Import your Drawings directly to/from your Dropbox, PC, MAC, and Send/Receive them Device-to-Device directly via AirDrop.

Main Features:
√80+ Image Filters to be applied to any of your Drawings.
√Passcode Lock for the whole App to secure your Drawings.
√Very high performance. Select, Scale and Rotate hundreds of objects with zero lag.
√Create arbitrary Bezier Paths with the Pen tool.
√Create Compound Paths, Masks and Groups.
√Create Text objects with many available Fonts and your own Fonts.
√Place Photos from your Albums.
√Boolean operators on Paths (Unite, Intersect, Exclude, Subtract Front)
√Powerful Scale and Rotate tools.
√Gradient Fills with interactive editing on canvas.
√Arbitrary Stroke dash patterns.
√Swatch Library.
√Unlimited Layers per Drawing.
√Rename, Rearrange, Delete, Hide and Lock Layers.
√Adjust Layer transparency.
√Snap to Grid, Points, and Path edges.
√Isolate the active Layer for easy editing.
√Show/Hide Grid, and Ruler.
√Outline Mode.
√Duplicate in Place, Duplicate from one Drawing to another, and Transform Again.
√Cut and Copy in Place and from one Drawing to another.
√Blend, Set Color Balance, and Set Hue and Saturation.
√Stroke, Fill, Shadow, Gradient, and Opacity settings.
√Import your own Font.
√Save Drawings to your Album, Copy Drawings, Duplicate Drawings, Print Drawings, Post Drawings on Facebook, and Tweet Drawings on Twitter.
√Email Drawings as SVG, PDF, PNG and JPEG.
√Send/Receive (Export/Import) SVG, PDF, PNG, and JPEG directly to/from your Dropbox.
√Send/Receive (Export/Import) SVG, PDF, PNG, and JPEG directly to/from your PC or MAC with iTunes via USB Cable.
√Send/Receive Drawings via AirDrop Device-to-Device directly.



Simply an Adobe Illustrator for iOS??

App Support
Line IV Line

The website listed is not working! No way to contact the seller!!! App listed isn't functioning properly.

They are only taking your money!
Gerard C

I bought this app and after an iOS upgrade this app was wiped away along with all my graphics! There's no way to contact them and no website, And no way to restore what I paid for! Watch out!!!!

Waste of time and money!
Line IV Line

Don't bother! Tried to contact this people about various problems dealing with their app; NOTHING...

Rip off
UM cutie

This app does not work as promised. No way to export pics. This is a sham. There's no way to contact support and they do not respond. DO NOT PURCHASE APP!

Ripped off of another application.

What a shame.

No way to export files

This app does not work as promised

Upgrade worth it
Mac Guild Infinity

Works well for my needs, easy and quick. I would like to see three improvements though 1. Move delete from under the edit menu to a button on the palette. 2. Convert text to outlines option 3. Add eps to the export menu I use it everyday to sketch on my iPad then I export to Illustrator to fine tune the piece.

If you're going to charge,
andy "the pebble" Johnson

Don't make me think it's free because I won't click your advertisements.